Sunday, September 07, 2008

101 Constitutional Questions To Ask Candidates

While I realize that most Republicans don't seem to care much about the Constitution anymore, I still do. It is routinely trampled upon by parties on both sides of the isle and has been for quite some time. Some would argue that it is outdated and has no real place in a modern world with all of its complexities. I, however, would disagree with this because contained within this document we call the Constitution is a profound understanding of the fallible nature of human beings and their propensity to do evil to one another, which has remained essentially the same since the fall of Adam. It is therefore my firm belief that if we would reinstate this fine (though not perfect) document as the standard by which we govern, a great many of America's problems would eventually disappear.

The reason that Republicans only occasionally give lip service to the Constitution but don't really want to talk about it in depth is because it shines a light in dark places, thereby exposing how lawless the Republican Party has really become, and that makes them uncomfortable.

Of course it goes without saying that most Democrats are just as lawless.

BTW, I am a registered Republican.

The questions: